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Teach Me A Lesson

You’d tutored your fair share of spoiled, rich little brats before. But this girl really took the cake. Sure, it was understood that rich girls didn’t need good grades to get into good universities. They could just buy their way in. It was just never talked about. But this girl knew full well that there was no reason to apply herself whatsoever. It made you furious. You had to work hard to get to where you were, and this girl just walked through life without effort, without consequence. Fuck. She was so infuriating… but so damn hot. You resisted all of 2 seconds before she had your dick in her mouth. You tried to tell yourself that you were gonna fuck the knowledge into this dumb rich girls head, viva la resistance and all that shit. But really, she’s just using you for her enjoyment like she does all her other servants. Fuck it. That pussy was tight.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You can fuck the bratty girl, but you can’t fuck the bratty out of the girl if you know what I mean. **Bad Girls. Sneaky Sex. Don’t get caught. Teacher, Student. Facial**


2 years ago, kristups47 said:

You look beautiful

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