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You tutor rich to make extra money. You have this one favourite...Meana. Normally you help her with her math homework...but this week she begs you to help her study for her bio test. She says her step-mom will kick her off the cheerleading squad if she doesn't ace it. It normally takes all of your mental capacity to just not get a boner around this girl. She's so fucking cute and naive. Something about her just makes you so fucking horny. It's just your luck...her test is on the male reproductive system. You don't know the first thing about it but she assumes you're an expert cuz you have a dick. She confesses she's never even seen a cock before. You can't believe that not only is this hot chick a virgin but she's never even sucked dick before. You convince her that she'll learn all about the male reproductive anatomy if she sucks your cock. She's so naive she actually falls for it. She lays you down on the ground and does everything you tell her. She strokes your cock...sucks your dick. Anything to watch that cum come out of your cock. She wants to make you cum but she has no idea what she's doing! She unknowingly edges you over and over and over again as she stops to asks you questions. Then finally she builds you up to explode! Only in her excitement, she totally destroy's your orgasm! Totally ruined. She's so happy with herself she has no idea how completely unsatisfying that was for you. Your cum spews out of your cock in a frustrated gush.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A sweet and naive Meana is desperate to ace her bio test on the male reproductive system. She'll do anything to keep herself from being kicked off the cheerleading squad. You convince her that she'll learn better with some hands on experience and she agrees to suck your cock for "Science and learning". She unknowingly edges you over and over again as she stops to ask questions. She builds you up with your young little mouth and her hot body. She's really interested to see what happens when you orgasm. She builds you up to explode but she's totally clueless and completely destroys your orgasm. She's so pleased with herself. You're a wreck as you soul is crushed by this hot barely legal girl who just completely unknowingly ruined what should have been the best orgasm of your life.


2 years ago, nanamin said:

I've been looking for a video like this forever! I think it might be the best on this entire site. I found it completely by accident because it doesn't show up on your ruined orgasms page, and it makes me wonder how many other great videos I'm missing out on because they're not on their proper category pages! (PS. Pretty much every category on this site is one of my kinks. Thank you for producing such good content!)

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