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I love being a cop. Especially on days when I get to go undercover. My favorite? I love dressing up as an undercover Prostitute. Nobody else knows that I secretly love walking my corner like a slut. I love dressing up, wearing makeup...I love the attention...and I love the sex. The correct Protocol is to ask for money upfront for sex, and as soon as the John hands you the money...well they've just broken the law. You never actually touch them. But I just can't help myself. I take the money...and then I do whatever they paid for. It makes my pussy so wet. I 100% get off on the whole transaction. But I can't help but want to punish these dirty scumbags at the same time...I am a cop after all. So what do I do? I stroke them and lick them and suck them...I edge them and edge them and tease them...I work them up to a frenzy...and then I ruin their orgasm and cuff 'em.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Slutty Undercover Cop Meana gives you the Best Blow Job you've ever had in your life. She gags and spits...licks your balls...sucks you harder than you've ever been sucked. And then completely destroys your orgasm and leaves you in ruins. Oh, and you're under arrest.


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