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Insufficient Funds

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You need release. It's been far too long. You've been torturing yourself, watching POV blowjobs on free tube sites for months, wishing you had a hot flirty little slut to come and suck your cock. You want to fuck a pretty face, make her gag on your cock. You want her to bathe your cock in her saliva, slowly teasing you and worshiping your dick. You can't take it anymore, you get so hot and horny you do something you thought you would never do, you call an escort agency and ask them to send over their best cocksucker. You're so horny you can barely keep yourself from jerking off and blowing your load, but 30 minutes later a brunette bombshell walks through your door. You hand her the money and she gets right to work. Her perfectly manicured fingers look gorgeous as they slide up and down your shaft. She takes your cock all the way down to the base with full eye contact. Her tongue is magic and her elegant hands grip your cock firmly stroking as she sucks. It's so fucking good and you can feel yourself getting ready to cum as she strokes you faster and faster, but then she stops and demands more money to continue. You gladly give her another $100, it's worth it. She deep throats your cock and you picture your fat load hitting her pretty face. She brings you close to the edge, you feel your orgasm coming...but then she stops again! She wants more cash! You're fucked. You're like putty in her hands, she's in full control, her mouth feels so fucking good and you want to cum so fucking badly. But she keeps demanding more and more! After she's taken everything you tell her enough is enough. She has you right on the breaking point! You're so ready...you start to cum! Then she just laughs and stops. She destroys your orgasm. Your cum spills from your cock slit and you twitch as your ruined orgasm leaves you even more frustrated than before. She takes her cash along with the orgasm you so desperately needed.
xoxo Meana Wolf


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