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Im Not Mad

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Of course I’m not mad that you drank yourself stupid and totally embarrassed me in front of my entire family. No, it’s my fault for expecting you to be perfect on a day that was really important to me. Mmhmm, I’m totally not mad at you baby. You know I’ve never had a boy in my parent’s bedroom before, and I feel bad for yelling at you, so why don’t I just suck your cock? I know it’s not really something I’d ever do, but you’re such a good boyfriend, you deserve it… deserve to have your orgasm ruined that is…Jerk.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your gf tricks you into thinking she’s not mad…but she’s pretty freakin mad dude. She gives you the blowjob of a lifetime, begs you to put a huge load in her mouth, promises to swallow every drop… but stops stroking at the last second. You probably deserved it. **Edging. Tease. POV Blowjob. Cumshot. Ruined Orgasm.**


1 year ago, movieman101pro@gmail.com said:

Would love to see a Part 2, or more Ruined Orgasm content in general!

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