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You started teaching piano lessons for extra money while you're at college, and in doing so you figured out the perfect way to indulge in your extreme hair fetish. It started out innocently...just touching one of your student's long silky hair as she focussed hard on learning her scales...but as the months went on you got bolder and bolder...you started taking out your cock and jerking off in many of your student's hair as they played the piano. One student...Meana...has particularly long and beautiful hair. She's your favourite. You look forward to her lessons every week because her hair is so long and soft...it smells so good. You almost couldn't believe it when she called you on it today... "I know what you're doing back there," she said as she plunked away at the keys. "Don't stop...I like it...A few weeks ago I noticed that there was cum in my hair after my lesson...I know it was you. I bet you jerk off into all your student's hair...don't you?" You thought you were fucked. But Meana likes it...she wants you to do a lot more than just fuck her hair. She starts touching your cock. She tells you that you're going to have to fuck her...because if you don't she's going to tell everyone that you've been jerking off into young girl's ponytails. You know that this is crossing a huge line... a total no no...but Meana's hair is calling to you...She tells you that she likes that you've been jerking off into her hair. She says that she goes home after and masturbates thinking about your cock wrapped up in her beautiful brown tendrils. She tugs on her hair thinking about you. She says she likes older boys...she wants you to fuck her...she wants you to fuck her hair...and if you don't agree she's going to ruin you.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your piano student Meana manipulates and blackmails you into fucking her hair...and her mouth...and her pussy. She's a horny young woman and she likes older boys. She likes it when you pull on her hair and jerk your cock into it...you know you shouldn't...you know you would be ruined if anyone ever found out...but her hair is so fucking incredible you can't stop yourself. You give her everything she asks for and blow a huge load in her gorgeous brown hair. **Ponytail Tie and release, Bun twist and drop, Hair over Face, Hair in Mouth, Hair in pussy, Hairjob, Cum in hair**


2 months ago, qwertzi99 said:

One of the best videos I have ever watched. Thanks a lot for that great shot. Amazing! <3 <3 <3

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