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Hair For Rent

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Your roommate Meana hasn't paid the rent ever since your new girlfriend moved in. You've kept it a secret...but your girlfriend found out. She demanded that you confront your roommate and get her to pay up or kick her out. You really like your new girl and you don't want to screw it up. So you get ready to confront Meana and get her to pay her share of the rent. The only problem is...you have a pretty big crush on her. She's gorgeous...independent...sexy...but most of all...she has the longest, most beautiful hair you've ever seen. You didn't even know you had a hair fetish until Meana became your roommate. You've tried not to think about it...but her hair keeps you up at night. It is so silky, shiny, smooth and luxurious...you imagine it wrapped around your cock. You think about your cum spraying into her long locks. Meana is no fool. She knows exactly what you want...and it isn't for her to pay the rent. She teases you with her hair...she teases you with the fact that she knows you're obsessed with her incredibly long tendrils. She offers you a deal. You continue to pay her share of the rent; and she won't tell your girlfriend that you are a pervert with a crazy hair fetish. She wraps her hair around your cock and starts stroking you. "Don't you think that my idea sounds much better than that silly idea you had about kicking me out??"
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana teases you with her incredibly long hair. You watch her blow dry and brush out her long locks. She lets her hair cascade over your cock, teasing you with every strand. She strokes you, wraps her hair around your cock. She sucks you...her hair becomes moist with spit...your precum flows freely as she teases the tip of your cock with her ends. She makes you cum all over yourself and all over her incredible long hair.


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