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Addicted To My Hair

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You've been thinking about it a lot. Mulling it over and over. You know you need to leave her. She's crazy...possessive...jealous...controlling. She's also happens to be the sexiest woman you've ever met. You've almost broken things off with her a few times now...but this time is different. This time you know it's over. Just as you two are waking up in the morning, you start telling her that it's time to see other people. But then she starts playing with her hair...your one true weakness. She starts draping it over you...over her face as she teases you. She says "Come on baby. Fuck me...for old times sake?". And then she renders you completely helpless as she rides your cock. Her hair dangling in your face. The smell is incredible as you slowly fuck her...The sight of her long hair is making your cock harder than ever as she turns around and dangles her hair on your cock. You've never been so turned on. She knows about your hair fetish...and she knows how weak it makes you. She knows how addicted you are to her long, thick silky hair. It's so long in fact that she can drape it over her pussy as you fuck her. You take your cock and thrust it along with her sexy long hair deep into her pussy. She laughs..."You're not going anywhere...are you baby?"
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: My most incredible hair fetish clip yet. Watch as I tease you with my long locks...draping them over my face. My pussy length hair tickles my clit while you fuck me...and from behind it can fully enter my wet pussy. I wrap my insanely smooth and silky thick hair around your cock and tease and jerk you with my hair...making you spray your cum everywhere.


9 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, I think and meditate on only 4 things in my life continuously (that means w/o interruption); the way you trigger my cock, stroking my cock to/for you, edging my cock to/for you, and nutting to/for you! There is NOTHING I want more than to virtually fuck you daily (workdays), or more on my off days! I love, love, love worshipping every inch of your Goddess body, including your gorgeous hair! At 5:50 in this story you speak the absolute truth to me, "YOU CAN"T LIVE WITHOUT ME!" Porn Mommy, I have committed my life to stroking, edging, and nutting to EVERY ONE of your stories, some I have nutted to dozens of times! You drive me "FUCKING CRAZY," (8:35) every day! The image of my cock AND your hair in your pussy at the same time (10:30 and more) drives me crazy insane, PLUS "PUSSY JUICE," on your hair, but it's moments like this that has addicted me to YOU PORN MOMMY, AND meanawolf.com! Its one addiction that I love and can live with daily; there is NO limit to my craving you and your Goddess body and stories! Why would this alpha cock want to leave you in the first place? I'm sure he has forgotten it by now. I NEVER WILL; CUM TRIBUTE GRATEFULLY GIVEN! HOT BATH IS ON THE WAY (21:00). Love, lust, and devotion, David

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