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Owned By My Hair

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Mr. Jeffries...You're the new teacher here at the college so I knew you'd want to speak to me eventually. I'm sure you've noticed that I rarely come to class and never hand in my assignments. Well I've simply never had to do assignments...I have arrangements with all the teachers here. I give them something they want and in return they give me a free scholastic ride. Oh come now Mr. Jeffries...Of course you're a noble guy. I know you would never give in to a student trying to seduce you for grades. I'm sure lots of girls have tried. But they don't know what I know. I know that every man has a weakness...a button that is begging to be pressed. And once you find that weakness you can take advantage of even the strongest man. So tell me...are you a breast man?? An ass man? Perhaps you're weak for legs? No? haha oh I see. I see what you want. Your eyes are fixated on my incredibly long silky hair. How interesting. Do you like the way it cascades down my back? It's so long I can tilt my head back just a little and feel my strands tickling my ass. Just lay that hard cock of yours on my head and let me wrap you up in my gorgeous locks...Fuck my hair Mr. Jeffries...fuck my long dark hair. hahahah You can't even begin to stop yourself. haha Let me wrap your cock up in my hair while I suck you and stroke you. Feel my perfect hair caress every inch of your rock hard cock. haha Oh Mr. Jeffries...that was too easy.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You don't know it but Meana Wolf is not interested in assignments. Once she identifies your hair fetish she is fully ready to exploit your weakness. She makes you fuck her hair and then she wraps her locks tightly around your cock...stroking and sucking you until you cum all over her dark brunette perfection


1 month ago, wolflair said:

Once again a role reversal, Student Meana teaches the professor what is important. Your Goddess hair takes ownership of this teacher just like it did me years ago! Another erotic masterpiece! By the way, your legs are fantastic especially matched that skirt! I love living in your shadow, Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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