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Making The Cut

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I'm here for my appointment! Yes I'm very excited. You're the absolute best stylist in the country. I know your work very well. Look at my gorgeous long hair. It's incredible isn't it? Well you simply have to take me on as a client. I know your services are very expensive. After all, you have a-list celebrities begging to get an appointment with you. But perhaps you and I could come to some other arrangement? Just brush it out a little. Look how smooth and shiny it is. It's so long it touches my pussy. You want to see? hahah Come on you can't hide it from me, I know you want to do a lot more than just cut my hair. I need the absolute best stylist and that's you. Why don't you touch it? Wrap it around your cock. Oh yes...why don't you stroke your cock in all of that gorgeous hair? Feel every strand as it slides over your shaft. I can tell you've never fucked hair before. Well I want you to fuck my hair. That's right fuck it. Jerk it on your cock. That's so fucking sexy mmmmm I want you to fuck my hair and cum in my luscious locks. Fuck my hair.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana has the most incredible long hair you've ever seen. It's so long it easily touches her ass and pussy. She wants you to fuck her hair. She wants you to wrap your cock up in it, stroke it, caress it, and pull it. She's so turned on she masturbates while she watches you stroking your cock in her glorious mane. You shoot your big load in her silky smooth locks.


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