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Mr. Anderson is such a nerd. He think's he's going to help me "rise" to my potential. How? By making me do stupid homework assignments? What a joke, we both know that I'm the smartest girl in this school, so why should I sit here wasting away in his class? I know he has a big fucking crush on me. Must be so hard for a teacher...always staring at young fresh ass all day. I bet he can't wait to get home each day to jerk off to young pussy before his ugly wife gets home. Men are so fucking pathetic. All I have to do is rub my leg against his and his cock is rock hard and practically busting out of his pants. It's so easy to get them off of him after that. He begs me to stop because he has "no self control". Of course he doesn't...because I have all the control. I control his fucking dick now too, and he's not going to be keeping me in detention anymore. In fact he's not going to make me come to class anymore either. One pass of my tongue over his shaft and he's completely mine. Hahah an easy "A".
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: All you want to do is get Meana to apply herself in your class. But she has ideas of her own. She'd rather apply her lips to your cock and have you do all the work for her from now on. You try to resist but that short school girl skirt is way too much temptation for you...you don't even stand a chance. You're completely owned by this little school girl as she slides your cock in and out of her mouth. You ooze and squirt cum out of your cock as she laughs and jerks your throbbing dick. She knows you're toast.


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Bad school girl, Your legs are intoxicating! I love the "influence" that you are having on your classmates, you know what is important! I live for your blowjobs Porn mommy, this one is no different! Thank you, Meana. Love and lust, David

7 months ago, Kirk613 said:

An A+ student.

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