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You knew you shouldn’t, but you couldn’t stop looking at it. Once you knew your stepsister had an onlyfans account, you lasted all of 24hours before you signed up. And once you jerked off to her, you couldn’t think about anything else. You were jerking off to her all day long. It drove you crazy having her do all these nasty things on your phone every night, and having to just treat her like your stepsister every day. You wanted her so fucking bad. After she walked in on you jerking off, the conversation had to be had. You wanted her to know that you were cool and that you weren’t going to tell anybody, but she was shocked… embarrassed… she’d never thought of you that way before. But seeing your dick did give her an idea, one that both of you could capitalize on.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: It doesn’t mean anything bro… it’s just for content. Put your cock in me? **Taboo. Stepsiblings. Stepbrother, stepsister fantasy. Family Roleplay. Family Fantasy. Cheating. Cumshot**


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