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If there was one good thing about your dad re-marrying, it’s that you got a pretty cool step-sister out of it. She’s funny, smart, beautiful… If things were different maybe you’d be dating her. But that would just be way too fucked up. Sometimes when you guys are partying, you swear you can feel her flirting with you…you don’t want to go too far.. say too much and scare her away…. She’s your step-sister. But you gotta know once and for all if she feels the same way. Perhaps sneaking off together at the family reunion is a perfect opportunity… maybe a little game to get the party started? Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You and your step-sister sneak off to let off some steam when a game gets out of hand… Did she mention she’s not wearing any panties? **Family Role Play. Taboo Role play. Family fantasy. Step-Brother and Step-sister. Bathroom Sex**


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