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You stumbled into her room and plopped yourself down onto your sister’s bed. Your voice is slurred, your vision is blurry. Maybe you partied a little too hard tonight. She protests. Calls you the most annoying brother ever. But that doesn’t stop you from drifting off right there in the middle of her bed. When you open your eyes again your sister is giggling. In your stupor you popped a boner. Your sister takes a picture and touches the tip with her finger. She laughs uncontrollably. But you drift off again. The room is still spinning. When you open your eyes your sister is on top of you… grinding on your boner. And then you feel your cock in her mouth. “It’s not my fault, you came into my room and put your cock in my mouth. You don’t remember” she lies. Your little sister is taking advantage of you…. But you think you like it.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your little sister takes advantage of a unique opportunity. Exploring her unaware brother’s body after a night of partying. Once you feel your cock on her tongue it’s all over and with no inhibitions… you give in and fuck her. **Family roleplay. Taboo. Brother/Sister Fantasy. Facial.**


9 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, It is midnight and my cock woke me up and reminded me that it is time to serve and adore my master, my mistress, my queen, my king, my Predator! You are ALL these to me bc your ownership of my cock is absolute! I ♥️💕♥️ being your mindless love slave/bitch, my cock is your personal property! I only do what you wish or command! So in keeping with your wishes I wake up and stroke, worshiping your goddess body! I worship not only you but your stories, if there are any on “clips4Sale/MeanaWolf” that you want me to stroke to please command me and it will be so! I ❤️💕❤️ my cock being “bound” to you exclusively, my desire is to be so close to my Porn Mommy that your very thoughts can be sent as my command, my heart beats to serve you continuously! I will wake up in a short while and stroke some more. Love, lust, and devotion, David

9 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, I wake up short while later, my cock (actually your cock) needs attention, I lay back stroking, meditating on your goddess body, looking at pics of you! The sensation of stroking my cock, that has been dedicated to you is wonderful! I look in wonder at your divine face, I then meditate on your nipples, running my tongue around them, the curve of your breasts, the beauty of their form! As I look at your pics I admire your pussy, the treasures that it holds, I imagine my wildest that unworthy as I am to fuck you, someday you permit me to taste 👅 your wetness! I then meditate on your ass, the curves, the shape, the pic I have shows you blessing me by spreading your ass cheeks! I imagine running my tongue 👅 up and down the length of your ass, stopping only long enough to put my tongue 👅 in your asshole as far as I can, I crave this as I stroke. You look at me with some satisfaction, I am leaking for you now so my cock is happy, I go back to sleep till my cock wants more! David

9 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, I love those shorts you wear in this story, they get me hard so fast! You can say what you want my Porn Goddess but this story is about a sister's lust for cock, her big brother's cock! You even admit that at app. 10:45. You slowly gave in to your lust and urges and eventually get what you want with your brother's grudging? permission! A sister's lust is always so HOT; I love and adore this "little sister!" I love how you "side saddle" Jack's cock so I can watch your goddess ass AND see the outline of your tiddies and watch your face as well. You have taught me to enjoy tasting my pre-cum as I stroke, it only adds to my lust for you, then my favorite part when I watch you cum! As this story continues the outline and contrast of your body, your gorgeous hair, your ass, your tiddies against that black and white bedspread is cock-straining! This is why Porn Mommy that you own my cock and always will! You are sooooo gorgeous Meana and I continuously worship you! I am so blessed to be able to stroke to you 24/7. While Jack was pounding you and I was worshiping your ass and pussy, I NUTTED so hard! Who cares who's to blame? Thank You my Porn Mommy! More to cum later today, I will NEVER get enough of you and your stories! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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