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Not Your Sister

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Your girlfriend was riding your dick when your sister waltzed into your room like she owned the place. Talk about a cock block. Your girlfriend was so mad she left without even letting you finish. Of course your sister thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world, and now she’s making fun of you, in your own bed, while you lay there with a hard dick and blue balls. You’ve never really seen your sister in a sexual way before, but now that you’re dick is hard and horny, you can’t help but notice her tits… and she’s actually pretty cute. She’s never really thought about you that way before either, but after seeing you fuck your girlfriend… she admits that it was kinda hot… if you weren’t her brother… maybe she’d fuck you. But you are her brother… and she’s your sister… and you definitely shouldn’t fuck. Right?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You slide your cock inside your sister’s mouth and she says “I can taste your girlfriends pussy on you. I want to be better than her, I want to fuck you better than she does. I want to make it so that every time you fuck someone, you think about me” ** Taboo Family Fantasy. Brother Sister Role Play. Cheating. Cum in mouth**


1 year ago, wolflair said:

I have very few “essentials” Porn Mommy but you ARE one of them! Who wouldn’t get an erection with that thin see-through shirt you are wearing in the opening scene. Then the nasty talk starts, THEN you start to masterbate. I love, love, love, watching you play with yourself, soooo HOT! Another category in my MEANA WOLF encyclopedia. The very best story for you masterbating is of course “BAD STEP DAD!” But there are others, e.g. “THE NEXT NIGHT.” The scene continues as you straddle your brother’s leg and rub your pussy on him. I don’t think you minded walking in on your brother fucking his girlfriend! You are not just my “cock’s” delight, you are also my “heart’s” delight my Porn Goddess! Daily I have to stroke to you, nutting is wonderful but my worship of you is continuous! As I have said before, I LOVE watching you cum, LOVE IT! You want your brother to ALWAYS remember you, AND YOUR PUSSY! To watch you suck cock and then that gorgeous cock sliding into your pussy is usually the high point of my day, then you take off your shirt, my day just got better. I NEVER GET TIRED OF WORSHIPPING YOU my Porn Goddess! This is why meanawolf.com and you Meana, is one of my few “essentials!” If you want to better understand how I feel about you, go watch “BAD STEP DAD,” from 22:00-22:40, what you say to your step dad is exactly how I think and feel about you! I love my sister’s pussy, AND you cum twice! Your pussy is the very, very best Meana, I’m always thinking about you! Cum Tribute lovingly given! Love, lust, and devotion, David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

P.S. Thank you for your attention to my cock and cum, I will “lose” to you ANYDAY OF YOUR CHOICE my Goddess! David

1 year ago, mrquilp said:


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