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Slutty Sister's Slumber Party

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Featuring Liv Revamped
Your sister’s have always been a little… wild. You sort of lost touch once they moved out into their own place. You missed their crazy antics… the way they would always walk around the house in their little shorts. You’re visiting them for the weekend and things are going great. They decide it might be fun to play a little Truth or dare. Things heat up fast when they reveal that they sometimes like to share guys…as in they like to have threesomes together. They laugh hysterically swearing that they’ve never done anything together… that would be too weird. But they share everything, so why not dick? You can’t help but feel your own dick get hard at the thought of the two of them fucking a guy together… Maybe you could be that guy? The game gets more and more out of hand as your sisters get more and more turned on. Each one of you wants to take things further, so you all pick dare… again and again until you’re balls deep inside your sister. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf and Liv Revamped

Clip Contains: A game of “Truth or Dare” gets out of hand when your crazy sister’s reveal that they share guys sometimes. Dare them to go further and see what happens… after all… a dare is a dare. **Sisters. Taboo Role-play. Brother/Sister/Sister threesome. Double BlowJob. Sister Fucking. Double Facial**


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