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Nothing Feels Better

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You don’t know how it started.. but you’ve been secretly having an affair with your Niece Meana for several months. Your wife and daughter have no idea. You feel like a disgusting degenerate…but you can’t help it. Nothing is better than the sex with her. Your daughter Brooklyn invites Meana over for the weekend and you know what that means… Meana loves risky sex. You try to stop her… but as soon as Brooklyn walks out of the room her mouth is on your dick. You can’t help it. But when Brooklyn walks in on you two in the act, no amount of denial can change the fact that your Daughter just saw her cousin blowing her dad. She’s angry…confused… Ever the master manipulator, Meana knows exactly how to ease the tension between father and daughter… tension that has been building for far too long.
Xoxo Meana Wolf ft Brooklyn Gray

Clip Contains: Your daughter catches you fooling around with her cousin. Things erupt into anger and shouting. She’s reluctant at first… but Meana convinces her that Nothing Feels Better than Daddy’s dick. **Taboo. Family Fantasy. Cousin. Uncle. Niece. Father. Daddy. Daughter. Role Play. Threesome. Double Blow Job. Cum in mouth.**


2 years ago, secondson said:

One of my favorites! Brooklyn Gray’s acting flows so well with yours. Also I love your poetry you make for your porn star collabs <3 The only porn I’ve ever paid for on this site

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy, You are so right, you know exactly what I want bc I am YOUR pervert! You own my cock but with ownership cums responsibility. When Brooklyn cums to visit you at your house, be sure and return the favor by letting your daddy fuck Brooklyn. That's my thanks to the both of you for the last hour and eight minutes! Thank you, Meana! Love and lust, David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, I just woke up at midnight and HAD to rub one more out after a day of worshiping you. I’m enjoying Brooklyn and you taking care of daddy; you do a marvelous job seducing Brooklyn into spending her legs for daddy but I suspect you wanted your cousin as well! Daddy (your uncle) wants you as well, after all YOU are the center of this daddy’s sexual universe and my cock is bound to you alone! I’ve had a GREAT DAY WORSHIPING YOU! This story is pure porn genius from start to finish and I suspect you and Jack had a LOT OF FUN making this CLASSIC for your porn bitches like me, to stroke, edge, and give cum tributes for! THANK YOU MEANA! Love, lust, and devotion, David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

In the middle of the night I was woken AGAIN by a very hard cock that wanted to worship you, my Porn Goddess! Nothing new there, but I started stroking my cock watching "SURRENDER AND OBEY," a clip I bought on "clips4Sale/MEANAWOLF" a while back. You are GORGEOUS in that story (nothing new there) in your skin tight outfit that would strain ANY cock! Nothing cums off your body but the way you look and talk challenges any cock not to erupt in a cum offering! When I first saw this story, I accepted your challenge and submitted my will to you; to ALWAYS "SURRENDER AND OBEY," to you as my "MASTER" (sic) and become your personal "property"! The gift that you give back is "PURPOSE; which is to please you, serve you, worship you, make you smile!" YOU ARE MY ONLY DESIRE, PERFECTION PERSONIFIED! I will do ANYTHING THAT YOU DESIRE, whether it is NUTTING ON YOUR GORGEOUS ASS, or LICKING YOUR SHOES! There is more to this story that I love! I am and will always be your mindless love slave/bitch! BUT that is not the end to this "LOVE LETTER". After stroking and edging myself to this mind-numbing, cock-straining story I put on your erotic masterpiece "NOTHING FEELS BETTER," and edged myself for a good long time UNTIL 51:00 when you had BROOKLYN GRAY bend over and while that alpha cock was fucking you, you ate her ass and pussy! UNBELIEVABLY HOT! BY 56:00 I could not even think to control myself and while that alpha cock was fucking you, gorgeous BROOKLYN was staring into the camera with her beautiful eyes and I busted an absolutely delicious cum offering for/to MY MASTER MEANA!! The rest is just equally unbelievable! So you have more than lived up to your promise that you gave at the very end of "SURRENDER AND OBEY;" "SO JUST GET READY FOR A WILD RIDE, WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!" Is there a chance as your "GOOD BOY," MEANA, you will let me live in your shadow and not just beneath your feet? I love looking up at your GODDESS BODY! I am fully your PERSONAL PROPERTY with one thing in mind, your happiness AND smile! Love, lust, devotion, David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, at 52:55 in this story you call me a pervert! Meana, that may be true but I am your pervert! Love, lust, and devotion, David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, For a really HARD RUSH, watch the gorgeous seduction that Meana does on Brooklyn, turning her into “Daddy’s” slut, then when the fucking starts, change the “playback speed” to 0.5x! The words are still understandable but the action becomes twice as intense! The fucking in slo mo makes my cock SO HARD, my nutting unbelievable! I love watching a lot of your scenes in slo mo, the cum dripping out of your pussy when you get a creampie is positively hypnotizing! Porn Mommy, you offer me daily/hourly, what I crave at meanawolf.com! THANK YOU Meana for your love and PERFECT CARE of my cock that I give you full control of 24/7/365! Love, lust, and devotion, David

3 months ago, SonsBlackfriend60 said:

this is one of my faves def top 5 all time

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