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Nothing Feels Better

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You don’t know how it started.. but you’ve been secretly having an affair with your Niece Meana for several months. Your wife and daughter have no idea. You feel like a disgusting degenerate…but you can’t help it. Nothing is better than the sex with her. Your daughter Brooklyn invites Meana over for the weekend and you know what that means… Meana loves risky sex. You try to stop her… but as soon as Brooklyn walks out of the room her mouth is on your dick. You can’t help it. But when Brooklyn walks in on you two in the act, no amount of denial can change the fact that your Daughter just saw her cousin blowing her dad. She’s angry…confused… Ever the master manipulator, Meana knows exactly how to ease the tension between father and daughter… tension that has been building for far too long.
Xoxo Meana Wolf ft Brooklyn Gray

Clip Contains: Your daughter catches you fooling around with her cousin. Things erupt into anger and shouting. She’s reluctant at first… but Meana convinces her that Nothing Feels Better than Daddy’s dick. **Taboo. Family Fantasy. Cousin. Uncle. Niece. Father. Daddy. Daughter. Role Play. Threesome. Double Blow Job. Cum in mouth.**

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