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The site of Sindal blindfolded, gagged and bound in the hotel room made your pulse quicken. You knew your stepsister Meana was crazy, but you never thought she was this crazy. The plan was simple, take Sindal to an unknown location, take the photos, and then dump her somewhere… unharmed. Make it look like she’s involved in some kind of fucked up kinky rough stuff. Once her Father in Hong Kong saw the photos, he’d pay anything to keep them from damaging his reputation. You two thought you knew every angle of how this would play out… but you had no idea just how into this kinky rough stuff Sindal actually was… or just how much money her Daddy will pay to save face…Especially if Sindal plays along.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Luckily for you and your crazy stepsister, your victim is far more devious than either of you imagined, and she know’s just how to manipulate her rich daddy to benefit all of you. All you have to do is take photo’s bad enough for him to wanna pay. **Blindfold. Gagged. Bound. BDSM. Kinky. Threesome. Ass licking. Facial*

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