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Featuring: Alex Jones Go to a sex club you said, it’ll be fun you said. Your girlfriend Meana swore up and down she’d never want another man. “You make me cum so good baby, nothing can compare to you.” You both said you were just going to watch… but she gets frisky and starts sucking your dick. It doesn’t take long for someone to notice her. He places his giant cock in her face and you can see it in her eyes. “You don’t mind right baby?” She barely waits for a response before she starts sucking his huge hard dick. You can feel her melt for his Alpha presence. They start fucking right in front of you… and you can’t help but love watching your mousy little girlfriend get fucked by his enormous gorgeous cock. He’s so big… she never moans like that for you. He pumps a big load of cum in her pussy… and you can’t help it… you’re so turned on… you put a load in her pussy too. Xoxo Meana Wolf & Alex Jones Clip Contains: Your girlfriend breaks all her promises for a strangers perfect cock. **Cuckolding. Hotwife. Bull. Double Blowjob. Double Cream Pie. **


2 years ago, BonertownUSA said:

Without a doubt this is my favorite video from Meana, and I constantly find myself coming back to it. There's so much cuckold/hotwife porn out there, but this one offers so much more of a realistic approach and I just love that. She's not just bouncing up and down and begging for this stud's cock. No, she's desperately trying to be a good wife and not get carried away in front of her husbands, but it's just so... big... I mean difficult. 😁

1 year ago, tsavonell76 said:

Your chemistry with this guy is amazing. You should do another round of videos with him.

11 months ago, Befirst said:

The hottest video to date that you made I’m sure you enjoyed having him to fuck like you did for that clip. Didn’t you ?

8 months ago, Lgphone said:

One of my favorites

7 months ago, Daviscock said:

Would love to see some more BBC cuckold or Videos where you cuck your husband more with bigger dicks in general. I think gangbang cuckold is tied for my favorite video with this.

7 months ago, Abeperez2011 said:

Your husband is super lucky. He has a hot girlfriend, gets to make porn for a living with her, has a nice Cock, and gets to watch guys with bigger cocks fuck his wife

6 months ago, Buzzo1972 said:

This is an all time great video. I will watch it many times. It is the first time I’ve seen this fantasy in a video. Your acting is great and realistic. Please more like this.

6 months ago, ThatBloke913 said:

I need more double creampie/sloppy seconds type content in my life

6 months ago, Xanmarino said:

This was an instant classic, might be the best film they’ve ever produced honestly.

5 months ago, WifeLover69 said:

I love seeing Meana taking two bare cocks! More of this please.

1 month ago, maxballer said:

Fuck this girl is pretty..

1 month ago, aeora said:

This is the one I keep coming back to. More of this

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