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Things haven’t been great with your girlfriend over the past couple of months. She’s restless… bored. She tries to be good, but you often find her looking at other guys. You know she would never cheat on you. She’s too perfect for that. But you know she needs more than what you can give her. So you decide to give her an anniversary present she’ll never forget… you know what she needs better than she does, and she won’t be able to say no once his cock is in her mouth… He waits for you two to return from your date… hiding in the shadows. She blindfolds herself for a night of kinky sex and when the moment is right you switch places… she doesn’t even realize. It’s too late to turn back now, she gives into her slutty desires and takes the hard sensual fucking she’s been wanting for so long.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You surprise your girlfriend with some new dick. She’s hesitant. She wants to fuck him so badly, but she doesn’t want to be a bad girl… doesn’t want to make you jealous… but you can see that look in her eye. She wants to be fucked. She wants more dick. **Cuckolding. Hotwife. Threesome. MMF. Bull. Double Blowjob. Double Facial**


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