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Quarantine Cuckold

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Maybe it’s the quarantine. Maybe it’s because of the long distance relationship. Maybe it’s because she’s stuck inside 24hrs a day with her new “RoomMate”. But you can’t stop obsessing. You know your girlfriend is cheating. She deny’s it over and over again. You can tell she’s getting tired of the accusations…but you know in your gut. All day long you think about the dicks she must be sucking and the hot guys she must be fucking regardless of social distancing measures. She says she doesn’t “feel that way” about him. But when she forgets to hang up after your daily Skype call, you see exactly how she feels about him. After he cums all over her face she says “I know you’re still watching baby, you’ve been so obsessed with the idea that I’m fucking other guys, I thought, why not just do it?”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your girlfriend “accidentally” leaves her Skype running and proceeds to fuck her hot room mate. You watch him slide his bare cock inside of her over and over. She moans and begs for his cock… her eyes flash on your screen. She knows you’re watching, she knows it hurts, she doesn’t give a fuck. **Cheating girlfriend. Cuckold. Bull. Quarantine Fantasy. Hotwife. Facial.


2 years ago, mmarob007 said:

On behalf of my girlfriend....shes a big Jack Wolf fan. She loves the vids that show him also from the waist up. Lol 😂

1 year ago, BillyBoyAnon said:

Meana is a sexual Goddess, and Jack is a fucking athlete (all puns intended). Together, they are an amazing couple! The storylines and the production quality of the videos make meanawolf.com the premier source of high-quality erotica on the market.

6 months ago, John5161 said:

There should be a quarenteen cuckold II. It would be interesting if they got into a regular pattern after this first time and she keeps telling her husband that nothing is going on.

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