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Daddy Issues

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Your daughter’s new friend Meana is a little…forward. You can’t help but notice her Eye Fucking you at the breakfast table. It doesn’t take long for her to coax your daughter into admitting that they are actually dating. You’re a little surprised at first, but Meana is quick to tell you that “it’s okay, Liv isn’t a Lesbian, she’s bisexual. We still like to fuck guys all the time.” Embarrassed, Liv suggests they go take a nap before hitting the beach later and the two of them run off to the bedroom.
You wake up to see Meana barely clothed in your living room. Her intentions are clear as she crawls on top of you. Your cock aches as she says “Liv and I share everything… She fucked my Daddy… now I get to fuck her Daddy.”
Later that night you can’t help it… you sneak into their room as they lay in a naked embrace. You touch your cock. The sight of your daughter and her girlfriend laying there sends you over the edge. You slide your dick into Meana wishing you had the courage to fuck your daughter… It’s as if Meana had planned all of this. She moans as you fuck her, your daughter laying beside you. That’s when you realize how twisted and perverse this girl really is. She wakes up your daughter and softly tells her,
“Come on baby, just like with my daddy”.
Liv whispers back “But your daddy was different, you were used to fucking each other”
“You’ll get used to fucking your daddy too baby. All Daughter’s love their Daddy’s dick”
Meana has groomed the both of you for this. Your daughter’s pussy is wet for her daddy, and your cock is hard for your daughter. You slide yourself inside of her and Meana watches as your worlds get turned upside down. You fuck the both of them. You couldn’t stop yourself.

Clip contains: **TWO SCENES. Fuck your daughters friend, then fuck them both together. Enjoy each scene separately and together!** Your daughter’s new girlfriend Meana has manipulated you both. Before this trip, you’d never thought of your daughter that way… but the knowledge of Meana’s father’s cock deep inside of her wet little pussy drives you insane. You can’t help but want to taste her for yourself. Your throbbing cock betrays you as you sneak into their room at night. Liv is unsure, she’s not ready to fuck her dad, but Meana persists and Liv’s wet little pussy opens for you easily. An insane threesome issues as the girls take turns riding your cock moaning “Daddy” all night. **TWO SCENES! Fuck your daughter’s girlfriend in private, then fuck them both together. Threesome. Taboo Role-play. Father/Daughtrer Taboo. Double Blowjob. Tribbing. Lesbian kissing. Double Facial**

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