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Let Me Help

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Your step-mom is so hot. You never noticed it when you were younger… but now it’s all you can think about. You all live in a pretty small apartment, and sometimes it’s pretty hard to ignore the sexual tension between you two. So when she offered to massage your leg one day after you hurt it in hockey practice, the thoughts started immediately. Your dick got hard as she ran her hand under your shorts and pressed into your inner thigh. Maybe she’s noticed the sexual tension too. She talks about how she used to be such a slut and how she missed it… then she does something totally unlike her… she grabs your dick and says “Let me help you with that”.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your sweet step-mother only wants to help… **Taboo Role Play. Family Fantasy. Blow Job. Sloppy POV BJ.**


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Meana, It is so much fun watching you go from being a caring, loving stepmom to being "one of those women" that is triggered by your stepson's erection and you let your true nature emerge as a stepson's dream cum true! David

1 year ago, Assman273 said:

Fantastic POV camera work. Excellent dialogue. Enjoyed the scene immensely.

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