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Late For School

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It had been building inside of both of you for far too long. You both knew it was there, the raw sexual attraction simmering below the surface. Bickering with each other was the only way the two of you knew how to cope. It was wrong to want to fuck your step sibling so badly. You both knew it. So the two of you fought. You yelled and slammed doors and made snide remarks to push the feelings down, and she went out and fucked every guy in the school… which only made you more and more angry. You heard what the boys at school would say about her and how she could fuck. It was driving you crazy. So before school you decided to tell her how much you hated it. The way she could twist you up into a ball of rage was maniacal. You wanted her so badly. You lost control and grabbed her… and in that moment you could feel her melt into you. You knew she wanted it too. You felt her kiss you back. “Are you jealous of the boys at school? Fine… fuck me” she dared you to go on as she lifted up her skirt. “Fuck me” she said in a voice that was demanding and at the same time a desperate and passionate plea. You slid your bare cock inside of her and knew at that moment why you hated her so much. It was the same reason you loved her so much… because no one would ever be as good as her.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A passionate taboo fuck fest with your slutty step sister that leaves you both breathless, and late for school. **Taboo. Step Taboo. Family Fantasy. Role Play. Step Brother and Step sister Fantasy. Cum shot**


2 years ago, mrwhiteman said:

This is incredible Meana!!! Well done princess

2 years ago, theseer123 said:

you are so beautiful

2 years ago, Lui1v1 said:

Honestly one of the hottest women on the planet. Makes the best videos I have seen and does a great job on the acting.

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