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Knock Knock

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You’re used to having a sister. But now that your dad remarried, having a new step sister is a whole different thing. First of all… the sexual tension is crazy. The house is more full than ever, there’s only one bathroom and you keep walking in on each other. Instead of it being just a normal thing that you ignore (like you would with your real sister) it’s this totally awkward moment and the two of you can’t help but flirt. She’s apprehensive. It’s clear you both want to act on it…but she’s been all alone up until now and she doesn’t want to ruin things with you or her new stepsister. How long can this little game last before you both just give in and fuck?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A new stepsister and only one bathroom to share. What could possibly go wrong? **Taboo. Family Fantasy. Family Role Play. Shower Tease. Facial**


2 years ago, BWayMarshall said:

Those looks you give to the camera, can make glaciers melt

1 year ago, Timthelbs said:

Part 2 would be great maybe when you get back from the party with the sister and get her to join

1 year ago, wolflair said:

My love and lust for you my Porn GODDESS got “out of hand,” years ago and is no longer controllable! Every day I look for new ways to demonstrate my affection for you and venerate you and meanawolf.com. I am “crazy” about virtually fucking you and worshiping your GODDESS hair, face, eyes, tiddies, ass, and pussy with my cock and cum. Your shower scenes are fabulous, all of them, cock-straining, cum-inducing, every one of them! After a brief intro we see you in the shower (5:20) with your back turned, your ass is so gorgeous and being your bitch, I want to fall on my knees in the shower and kiss, lick, and tongue-fuck 👅 your ass! Then you turn around and we see your GODDESS TIDDIES, I have worshiped them for years! You coyly play with your pussy, you know very well what I want! Then you kneel down and start sucking that alpha cock. At first you feel bad and say so but eventually your lust takes over, there is nothing hotter than a gorgeous women consumed with lust, especially my Porn Goddess! TBC

1 year ago, wolflair said:

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