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The fighting had gotten worse over the last two years. You felt bad for your step mom. She was always doing everything. Your stupid dad just watched football. You knew they weren’t having sex anymore because she was so irritable around him. But she was so much more flirtatious with you. You always had a boner around her and she knew it too. She liked it. And knowing that she liked it made you that much more turned on by her. A women like that enjoys the attention, she hates being ignored. She grabs your cock, kneels down and slides her tongue across your rock hard dick. Your father is too busy watching the game to notice. She doesn’t care anymore, if he’s not going to even look up from the game, why shouldn’t she just fuck you right there in the kitchen?

Xoxo Meana Wolf
Clip Contains: Your stepmom has had enough of your dumb old dad. Fuck her as hard as you want, he’s too busy watching the game to notice. **Taboo. Stepmom. Stepson. Family fantasy. Foot tease. Facial**


2 years ago, Asante19 said:

This was amazing! Would love to see a part 2

2 years ago, ADBurneraccount said:

Definitely need a part 2

2 years ago, BonertownUSA said:

WOOOO 👏👏 YAAAA 👏👏 FOOTBALL 👏👏 I love all of Meana's sneaky sex videos, and this is no exception!

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