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You dislike your brother’s girlfriend with a fiery passion. So you were overjoyed when you saw her at the club that night getting fucked on the dance floor. You knew your brother would be devastated, so you decided to confront her and give her the chance to break up with him on her own accord. If she did that, you wouldn’t tell him what you saw, and your brother could move on to someone who wasn’t an absolute slut. You’re tired of listening to the two of them fuck in the other room, you can’t stand the site of her. Everything about her makes you angry. Of course, she’s not the least bit interested in your ultimatums. She denies it up and down, but you both know the truth. You’re jealous. She slide’s her hand across your leg, “Why don’t you shut the fuck up and put your cock in my mouth, and we can both just forget anything happened at the club?”. You’re already hard for this bitch and it makes you even angrier that you want to fuck her so badly, you’d betray your own brother to do it. How effortlessly you slide your cock inside of her.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your Brother’s girlfriend is your mortal enemy. You can’t wait until he finds out she’s a cheating slut…. But now your cock is deep inside of her and it’s too late. Now you’ve both betrayed him. Guess you’ll have to keep each other’s secrets. **Cuckold Fantasy. Bull. Cheating girlfriend. Cream pie**


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, You are so right, I am CONSTANTLY wondering what your pussy would feel like! As it turns out I don't have work today so my day will be spent adoring and worshiping you, stroking, edging, then nutting. I love your stories where you cheat on your boyfriend/husband or whomever bc I love cheating with you on my girlfriend; as you say in this story, "there is no loyalty when it cums to pussy!" Your "bad/slutty girl" persona IS SO COCK_STRAINING HOT! Am I a jealous bitch bc you and Jack make perfect stories week after week that feed my love and lust for you? HELL YES!! I am proud that my Porn Mommy owns my cock and constantly "strokes" my needs with her gorgeous hair, eyes, face, tiddies, pussy, ass, velvety voice, and stories! You are SO GOOD to me Mommy, I give my cock and cum to you daily as an act of worship and obedience, meanawolf.com "teases" me all day long. Nutting (sometimes plural) to you is the hight point of my day, EVERY DAY; watching you cum only adds to my release! Cum offering given, Thank You Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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