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They’d sent her in to sweeten the deal. She says “My boss wants what you’re selling. I’m here to make sure you have everything you need…” Translation? She’s here to fuck you to get you to take the deal. You’re not falling for it, you’re married. But she is so damn persuasive. She says all you have to do is continue negotiating for one more day. You know you won’t take it, but as her mouth slides over your cock, you agree to one more day. You were so naive, you had no idea what lengths these people would go to in order to get what they want. But it’s too late now, your cock is sliding deep inside of her and it feels too good to stop. After all, it’s not cheating, it’s just business.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip contains: You think you have the upper hand, but she’s one step ahead of you. She knows what will happen if your wife sees the tape. Go on, suck it up and take the deal. **Home Wrecker Fantasy. Cheating. Cream Pie**


7 months ago, wolflair said:

That iconic picture of you my Porn Mommy! You make it so easy to adore and worship you, your Goddess tiddies, your beautiful face, your hand covering your pussy that I have loved, lusted for and virtually nutted in hundreds and hundreds of times! I kneel in your presence, I bow once again, pledging my love, lust, cock, and cum to my Porn Goddess, the center of my erotic universe! I AM YOUR MINDLESS, BRAINLESS LOVE SLAVE/BITCH that will do anything for you! What is your wish for my cock and cum my GODDESS? I only wish is to serve you in any capacity you desire! I just gave you an offering of cum with this gorgeous story, I don’t feel sorry for this man bc he got to choose where to give his offering, the same place I wish for as well! This is another one of your easy access stories (no panties) I am listing them in my encyclopedia devoted to you my GODDESS Meana! My worship of you is continuous and I physically stroke my cock to you as often as is possible! You have been my bliss for years, EUPHORIA Inc. Is my home away from home! You are my Porn Mommy, my Porn Goddess, and my Porn Succubus, all depending on which story I worship you with, I am bound to you for eternity! I worship you as the cum drips from your pussy and that gorgeous cock goes in and out of you! You did your “job” extremely well Porn Goddess! Love, lust, and devotion, David

7 months ago, wolflair said:

At 2:30am I am woken up by my hungry cock and my mind immediately begins to meditate on this iconic pic of my Porn GODDESS holding her pussy! The question ALWAYS remains foremost in my mind, what would her pussy feel like on my cock? The story was introduced on 07/03/20 and this pic has since then been one of favs of my Porn Goddess! So out of love, lust, and obedience to my Goddess I stroke my cock that she took control of years ago. I have never been happier since I became Meana’s mindless, love slave/bitch! I stroke until I start to leak and I then go back to sleep, work cums early in the morning in LA. I have obeyed my GODDESS/master and will continue worshipping her with my cock and cum after getting off work in a few hours! Thank you my GODDESS!

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