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It’s wasn’t exactly a successful second date. You’d spent the night, but did’t get any action. You’re enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning when her daughter walks out of her bedroom in her underwear and says, “Mom, who’s this guy in our living room?” Your dick stiffens at the sight of her. She’s precocious… She leans into you and says “You’re way hotter than the guys my mom usually brings home”. She runs her hand up your leg as her and her mom shout back and fourth between the living room and the kitchen. She’s wild. She doesn’t care if she gets caught. She giggles, “Wanna be my new daddy? Stay in my mom’s bed and fuck me instead?” She slides her mouth down onto your cock and you can’t resist her slutty antics, even with her mom right there in the kitchen.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your date’s daughter is a slutty little deviant. She fucks all her mom’s boyfriends, and she’s totally oblivious. You weren’t exactly thinking of sticking around with her mom, but this daughter of her’s is too good an opportunity to pass up. **Cheating. Older Man Younger Woman. Home Wrecker. Sneaky Sex. Secret Sex. Almost getting caught. Facial**


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, I need you sooooo bad, the bad girl, slutty side of you! I've been at work all day, thinking about you and which story I would watch, edge, and nut to! On today's Twitter you sent a great pic of yourself, inviting your fans to nut to you! I live by everything you tell me to do, I'm your mindless, brainless love bitch! I worship you 24/7 and I intend to stay hard for the next 30 hours, stroking, worshiping your ass, pussy, tiddies, and your gorgeous face. Cum offerings follow of course; my cock is bound to you to infinity and beyond! Watching you eat ass with your own gorgeous ass in the air defies description! You bring so much pleasure and contentment into my life, THANK YOU MEANA! Love, lust, and devotion, David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, I can’t remember the last time I nutted so hard!!! Worshiping you is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself! You take perfect care of my cock 24/7! I adore you Meana, THANK YOU! Love, lust, and devotion, David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, You are such a slut in this diamond 💎 of a story! You barely knew this new boyfriend of your mother’s, while she fixed breakfast in the kitchen! In your classic story “ DEVIANT DAUGHTER,” you were playing with your “daddy.” In “BREAKFAST” you took OFF your panties while in “DEVIANT DAUGHTER” you left them on! In “BREAKFAST” you ate some ass while stroking the boyfriend; no such luck for daddy in “DD!” I

1 year ago, wolflair said:

In “BREAKFAST” you were begging to be fucked, in “DD” you were completely in charge, telling your daddy what to do! I ♥️♥️♥️ both of them Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

1 year ago, Hawk1041 said:

Damn, when you first walk into view wearing the thong and shirt, I knew this scene was gonna be good. That was pretty effing sexy. Great scene! The sneaky sex idea is pretty awesome.

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