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Road Trip

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You never realized it until now, but your Aunt is sexy as hell. So confident, effortlessly hot, and direct. You’d been thinking about it the whole trip so far. But it was apparent now more than ever as she slid under the covers. The hotel was fully booked up and the only room had 1 king size bed for the two of you to share. Your cock throbbed as she tickled you like she did when you were young. She can feel the sexual tension in the air. She runs her hand along your pulsating erection and says, “Have you ever been with an older woman before?”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your cougar aunt is so hot you can’t help but get hard in her presence. She knows the effect she has on young men and takes full advantage of that fact. You cum deep inside her pussy and the both of you agree that you should share a hotel room for the remainder of the trip. **MILF. COUGAR. Aunt. Taboo Family Fantasy. Cream Pie. **


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