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Maternal Aunt

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You’ve decided to take an internship at your aunt’s firm. Over the last few weeks you’ve been texting back and fourth about how you’ll be staying with her while you get yourself settled. It’s complicated, she’s your aunt… but soon she’ll also be your boss. You can’t help it..but you start to flirt with her a bit. It started out as just kissing her ass…after all she’s gonna be your boss. But soon you started fantasizing about her. Jerking your cock as you texted each other. When you arrive at her home it starts becoming more and more clear what she wants. At work she expects you to behave accordingly. But at home, she wants her Nephew to satisfy her sexual cravings. Her parents always favoured your mom after she had you…. Well now… you belong to her. She says “Your heart belongs to your mom, but your dick belongs to me. You’re mine now”. And she’s right. You’re going to do everything she says. If only your stupid mother would stop phoning while you’re trying to fuck your hot auntie Meana. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your aunt has always been secretly jealous of your mom. The way everyone favoured her after she had you drove her crazy as she secured herself a high profile career. Now… she’ll use her sex to manipulate you, her nephew in an attempt to drive a wedge between you. As she slides your cock into her mouth she says “What would your mom say if she knew we were doing this?” And it makes your cock that much harder for her. You both love how naughty it is. **Taboo family fantasy with Aunt and Nephew. You ruined mom’s pussy, auntie’s pussy is still tight. Stupid mom on the phone. Sex while on phone. Creampie**

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