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Ticket To Ride

My feet are so sore! Can't you be a good older step-brother and rub them for me? What? Feet aren't gross! What are you even talking about. Feet are sexy. Men love feet! See just look at my perfect pink toes...my sexy arches. Look at my hot soles. Not convinced? hahah My feet are so fucking sexy I bet I can make you cum with them. Oh yes I can. In fact you know that old Mustang you just finished restoring? I bet you that I can make you cum with my feet. If I can make you cum with just my feet...Your mustang is mine. But if I lose, I'll give you something you've always wanted...my pussy. That's right you can fuck me hahah. But there's no way that's gonna happen...look how hard your cock is already for my flawless feet? heheh Their gonna pump all the jizz out of your cock and then their gonna be pumping the pedals of your mustang when I take the keys from you heheh.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your little step-sister isn't interested in being on foot anymore. She begs you to rub her feet. Then she bets you that she can make you cum just with using her feet. You're really not into it...but she offers her pussy as a reward if you can outlast her feet. You can't help but go for it. You know her sweet little pussy is worth it. But once her feet start sliding all over your cock you know you're gonna lose your mustang...and your self respect. Your little sisters feet command the cum from your cock as she gives you the footjob of a lifetime.


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