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Cum For My Feet

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You want to be my perfect slave. To worship every part of me? Well you're going to have to start from the ground up. I want you to worship my feet. haha I see the hesitation in your body. You don't think you're a foot man? hahah my feet are so perfect they will make you gasp in pleasure. That's right. Look at my gorgeous shoes...my manicured dainty little toes. They are going to make your cock ache. They are going to make your balls expand and fill with cum. You think it's not possible? You've never cum for feet before? Well you will. I'm going to have you so addicted and hot for my feet that soon you will drool whenever you hear my heels clicking down the hallway. Soon you will be so fucking hot for my feet that you will cum just on the sight of my toes. Don't believe me? See your cock is already starting to respond. You're trying to resist...but you can't stop my feet from bringing you closer...edging you...they're rubbing all up and over your cock. Soon you'll be so fucking hot for feet that everything you once knew and loved will fade into the background. See you barely even notice my pussy and ass with all those toes swirling around your cock. hahah cum for my feet and you'll never go back. Cum for my feet. Cum for my feet.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A sexy seductive footjob like no other. I make you hotter and hotter for my feet with every minute. If you think you can't cum for a hot footjob, this clip will convince you otherwise. I make it hard for you to focus on anything other than my perfect soles and toes. My pussy and ass barely phase you as I work your cock with my feet. I oil up your cock and tease you with my toes until you cum all over my gorgeous feet. You'll never be the same after this epic sensual footjob.


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