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$1000 Footjob

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I don't generally like to tell strangers that I am a Mistress. It tends to make people uncomfortable, so I usually say things like "I'm a student" or something. But when we met at that party, I decided I would live a little and tell you the truth. So I told you the truth...that I am a Mistress, and that men pay me ridiculous amounts of money to worship me. You laughed at that. You thought it was ridiculous and proceeded to make fun of men who treat women as goddesses. "Perverts!" you said, "Losers!" But you couldn't stop asking questions. You wanted to know more...so I told you more. I told you about all kinds of different fetishes...but when I got to foot fetish your jaw dropped. You said "Real men like pussy and nothing else", I laughed at you and said you were close minded, and that all kinds of men like all kinds of stuff. But you wouldn't let it go. You thought it was absurd...you said that feet were "gross"... But I pointed down to my gorgeous feet. My perfect little toes were freshly painted red...they looked stunning. My feet are one of my most worshiped features. I told you that some men would give anything to touch my feet. But then you said something really stupid. "I bet you $1000 you can't get me off with your feet". My eyes lit up... "You're on" I said. You didn't stand a chance...I wonder how many pedicures I can get for $1000 bucks?
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You bet me I can't get you off with my feet. I tease you with my perfect red painted toes...I slide my arches all over your shaft...I stroke your cock with my feet and I proceed to give you the hottest Footjob that's ever been given, to which you inevitably bust your nut and loose $1000. Look down at my cum covered feet and ask yourself; who's a pervert loser now?


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