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Your girlfriend's daughter Meana is quite the handful. She often wanders around the house wearing inappropriate clothing and saying overtly suggestive things. She's flirted with you on more than one occasion...but she's only eighteen...and she's your girlfriend's daughter. You've been trying your best to be a good role model for her...but she's relentless. Tonight the two of you are home alone...she's just come back from dance class and you can't help but stare at her as she stretches in her room. Her young, supple little body is so alluring...and her sexual confidence is obvious. She tells you to come into her room...she flat out asks you if you want to fuck her. You want to do the right thing...you tell her no. She's clearly angry...but she promises to be good if you just massage her tired feet. Once those perfectly painted little toes are in your hands you feel your cock start to rage. She knows it too. She runs her perfect arches along the seem of your shorts and feels your swollen cock with her feet. She knows exactly how to seduce you now. But it's all a game to her. She likes getting fucked by her mother's boyfriends...and then she likes to throw it in her mother's face. So she flat out tells you, "You can fuck my feet as hard as you want...my toes...rub your cock into my arches. I'll foot fuck your cock so hard you'll never forget it...but first I want your bare cock balls deep in my pussy". Her perfect little toes are calling you...you can't stop yourself. Her little body is so flexible she lifts her foot up to her face and licks her toes right before your eyes...you can't stop yourself. You pull her leotard over to the side and jam your cock deep into her little pussy. She gasps and moans in the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that she always wins. She then proceeds to make you fuck her silly before she jerks off your cock with her perfect fucking feet. xoxo Meana Wolf
Clip Contains: Your Girlfriend's daughter Meana seduces you into fucking her pussy, her mouth, and her flawless feet. Her pink toenails drive you absolutely crazy as they rub the head of your dick and expertly stroke your shaft. You fuck her toes so hard you explode with cum everywhere. She licks the cum off her toes and says "damn...you taste good."


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, No work, home all day, time to adore and worship you! Stroking, edging, and nutting to you is a way of life for me and I love being bound to you and as an extension, meanawolf.com! You take perfect care of me bc I've given you ownership of my cock and all my cum; daily I adore, venerate, and worship you my Porn Goddess! Your stories take me beyond my imagination to places that otherwise I could not dream of! My love and lust for you has taken control of me years ago and daily I foster those emotions. Night and day your gorgeous face and "tight little body" call to me for adoration, I reply by stroking the cock that I have given you and is your property. I cum home every time I nut to you whether it's your pussy, ass, face, or wherever you direct. There is NOTHING that I would NOT do for you, you need only ask, nothing is too much to be "balls deep" in your pussy, and I love every story and the imagination behind it! In this story I adore and worship your Goddess feet, but you get your way and I must fuck you first to fully shoot my load where I want to, your feet! You always get "your way" with me and I love you for that! Cum offering given, Thank You Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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