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Feet First

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You're an important man. All day long you make big decisions, command others and almost single handedly run a large company. You're successful, capable and in control. But I know, deep down...you have a secret. You're obsessed with women's feet. You try to suppress your cravings but it only leaves you frustrated and empty. Come on boss...haven't we played this game long enough? Why don't you just rub my feet for me hmm? Just once? I want to feel your hands on me. mmmm isn't that nice? Why don't you lay back...and take off your pants. I know exactly what you need boss. To feel my feet...my stockings against your cock? To fuck my little toes. To feel my arches sliding up and down your shaft? Give in to me. I know you want it. This is how it's going to be from now on. I'm going to do whatever I want around here and you're going to start working for me. You're going to be my little foot boy and do everything I say. I won't be fetching your coffee or making your appointments anymore do you understand? Cum on my perfect little toes if you agree that I should be your boss from now on.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana Wolf is your naughty secretary and she's not interested in performing her normal duties anymore. She decides to use your weakness for feet against you and strokes your cock with her perfect size 7's. First in her black stockings and then with her smooth naked soles. You submit to her gorgeous feet, ankles and legs and relinquish all control as her boss.


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