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Foot Fucked

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You, like many college aged boys these days, have a porn addiction. Not just any porn...no you have a real problem. You are completely addicted to foot porn. You are obsessed with feet...you got yourself to the point that you couldn't even concentrate on your classes anymore. Your guy friends knew you liked to jerk off...but they figure you were into run of the mill vanilla porn. You suddenly realized that you needed to go cold turkey. You proclaimed to your friends that you were going to go celibate for a month. They all laughed at you. You were determined though...you knew this would be the only way for you to kick your foot habit. No sex.. no jerking off...no porn... no nothing for a full 30 days. Nobody thought you could do it. In fact, the whole school started taking bets on when you would finally cave in. Even the teachers got in on the action and pretty soon there was a $20,000 to the person who guessed the closest time that you would bust a nut. Girls started flirting with you more...trying to make you cave in. But it was easy for you to turn them down...after all...regular pussy wasn't really your thing. By the time the 29th day came you were almost insane. Your cock was so sensitive, it was ready to bust at any second. You asked your closest friend to tie you up for the night just to make sure that you wouldn't fuck up. You only needed to make it to 7am to win the $20,000 for yourself. You were sure you were gonna make it...the only problem is that your step-sister found out about your little bet. Even worse...she knows you better than anyone..and you bet your ass she knows about your foot fetish. You're hands are tied to the bed...there's nothing you can do to stop her from rubbing her perfect feet up and down your sensitive throbbing cock...the clock is ticking...her toenails are perfectly manicured with black nail polish...you can't help but give into her sexy toes as they expertly jerk your cock. With 2 minutes left on the clock...she your cock to erupt with cum. She laughs as you spill your load everywhere. Your heart sinks...not only did you not make it to 30 days...not only did your step-sister ruin this for you...not only did you not with the $20,000...but your foot fetish is going to be much, much, worse after this.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You're just a few minutes away from winning a 30 day celibacy bet. Not only do you get bragging rights forever, but you'll get a $20,000 if you can make it. You have a friend tie you to the bed just to make sure you don't do anything stupid. But your step-sister breaks into your dorm room...and she knows about your weakness...your foot fetish. She takes her perfect feet and starts rubbing her black painted toes all over your cock. Rubbing you...stroking you... her feet feel so good on your cock you are going crazy...just hold on a bit longer...but she's knows exactly how to use her perfect arches and her soft sexy soles...you're screwed. And she's about to be $20,000 richer.


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