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Nature Girl

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You're enjoying a lovely stroll through the forest one summer afternoon, when you're stopped in your tracks by a beautiful woman. As she walks toward you, you can't help but notice her beautiful smile. The sun hitting her hair and her skin is like a beautiful golden halo. Your eyes travel down her chest...her waist...her gorgeous legs...and then...her naked feet. She says she likes the feel of the dirt underneath her soles...she loves the feeling of all the little pine needles as she slides her foot toward you. You can't keep your eyes off her perfect little toes...covered in dirt. She laughs and beckons you to follow her. As she walks ahead of you, you can't stop staring at her beautiful wrinkled soles as they coyly walk up the path. She comes to rest at a stump and climbs up on top of it. You are compelled to kneel down at her feet...You've never been so foot crazy in your whole life...and she knows it. She laughs at you, smiles, and points them up toward your face. You can't help yourself. You have to touch them. The beautiful woman laughs at you again...she knows your weakness...one look at you and she knows she has complete control. "Lick my filthy fucking feet you pervert".
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You've stumble upon Meana's Favourite trail where she's been walking barefoot. She seduces you...teases you...she knows your weakness for feet. She you to lick them and stroke for her amusement while she gently humiliates and encourages you.


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