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As a therapist to some of Hollywood’s most elite and wealthy families you’d seen your fare share of spoiled rich girls who loved to act out for attention. But this girl really took the cake. She’d been caught blowing a couple of the hired help recently, and her father was livid. Reputation is everything, which is why he asked you to stay on the estate while treating her. You couldn’t say no to the money, so you agreed. As soon as she opened her mouth, you knew you were in trouble. She knew that life had no real consequences for a girl with her beauty and wealth. She goes into great detail about her sexual escapades and you can’t help but get hard at the thought of that dirty mouth wrapped around your cock. All you have to do is tell her daddy she’s making good progress and this slutty little debutante will make all your dreams come true.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip contains: You can’t help but give in to your new patients demands, she’s got you wrapped around her finger and your cock in her mouth **Older man, younger woman. Bad girls. cumshot**


1 year ago, mmarob007 said:

Meana is the ultimate bad girl. Great performance!🔥

1 year ago, mrquilp said:

What a fantastic hot fucking video! No one sucks cock like you!

1 year ago, Xanmarino said:

I almost blew it there when she called him therapy zaddy 🤤 I loved the story telling about the pool boys I was kinda hoping she’d continue on or tell some other stories. That seemed to really turn him on maybe there’s more stories to confess in her next session 😏 once again, this slutty girl persona is top tier, undefeated!

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, After I have nutted to you I love to just lay back, stroking my cock lightly, meditating on the mysteries of your GODDESS face, tiddies, ass, and pussy and the countless pleasures they have give me, past, present, and future! Meana, you are the very best therapy that anyone could give me! My adoration for you is beyond words! Thank you! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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