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Summer Abroad

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You always hated these overnight parties. But now that your daughter was growing up… so was all her friends. You’d jerked off to all of them on more than one occasion, they were all so young and fuckable. But none of them was quite as precocious as Meana. She’d vacationed that summer in France, and with one look at her, you knew she’d spent the whole summer fucking. You just know when a young women starts fucking for sport, it just oozes out of them. Of course, the other girls are still a little too immature to talk about that stuff…which leads to teasing and hurt feelings. Meana’s outgrown them… and wants to hang out with open minded adults. Not to mention… fucking your frenemy’s dad is the biggest own ever.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your daughter’s friend has spent the summer fucking in France, and now she wants to try out her moves on an older man. The fact that it will rile her friends just makes it that much better. **Younger Woman Older Man. Bad girls. Bad dad’s. Cumshot**


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