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Boarding School

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You’ve been the residential co-ordinator at an all girls boarding school for a few years now, and you’ve had your share of precocious “bad girls” who’ve tried to get you into bed. You’ve always remained strong. Sure it’s tempting, but not tempting enough to lose your job. But the moment she opened her mouth you knew she was going to be trouble. And how easily your cock slid into that pretty little mouth… She says “Come on, I use sex to calm my anxiety and make my parents mad, are you gonna deny me that?” Well, are you?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: It’s almost predatory. She knew you would be easy. You might lose your job for this… but you can’t help it. She wants to fuck and you’re the only man here at this fine academic establishment. **Bad Girl. 18 year olds. Younger girl older guy. Foot job. Foot tease**


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