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Your wife had had her fair share of hot TA’s. Young aspiring artists who would do anything to follow in her famed foot steps. They were all fanatical, but this was the first time you’d caught one of them in your bedroom sniffing your wife’s panties. She’s obsessed. She wants to be just like her. She says she’s willing to do anything to become a great artist. She asks what it’s like to fuck her, and then she asks if you’ve ever fucked one of her student’s before. Suddenly it’s clear to her that the only way to set herself apart and become truly great, is to fuck her mentor’s husband and create an art piece all about his betrayal. You try to resist… but maybe this is what your talented wife wanted all along? Why else would she pick such hot TA’s?
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: An obsessed assistant will do anything to get closer to her mentor and become a great artist. She demands that you paint her face with your cum. **Home Wrecker. Stalker Student. Cheating husband. Facial.**


1 year ago, jlferrell said:

So fucking sexy amazing work. The pop at the end was perfect agree.

7 months ago, wolflair said:

Surrender to your urges, surrender to your cock, be a whore, be a slut! Porn Goddess, with slight paraphrase, that is what you are telling me with this story, I absolutely identify with this gorgeous story bc I identify with you as a student wanting to get close to your teacher; I want to get as close as possible to you and follow, adore, worship, stroke, edge, and nut to your Goddess face, eyes, hair, tiddies, ass, pussy as I can! Meanawolf.com and these stories gives me this chance, I am following your lead! I surrender my cock to you daily, I nut to one or more of these stories and your Goddess body daily! I am totally passionate and obsessed with you, there is NOTHING that I WOULD NOT DO FOR YOU, including my cock leaking 24/7 for/to you! With every story you are guiding me through your erotic universe where my worship of you is continuous! I am a complete and total love slave/bitch to you, and have been for years! Nothing is more important to me than your happiness and my obedience to you! I prostrate myself before you daily worshiping you my Queen and MASTER, my cock and cum is your property! Adoring, worshiping, Stroking, edging, nutting to you is the high point(s) of my day, every day! I have no control of my love and lust for you, neither do I want any! I love this story bc it speaks so eloquently for me and how I feel about you, my Porn Goddess! I AM SLAVE TO MY DESIRES FOR YOU, I cheat with you bc I have to, daily! I know this is what you want from me so I obediently comply! Cum offering given, Thank You, Meana! Love,lust, and devotion, David

7 months ago, wolflair said:

P.S. it’s evening Mommy, so time to adore you before sleep. I check in on you several times a day, meanawolf.com, your OF, or on Twitter; I love the feeling of my cock hardening and softening as I go through my day thinking and worshiping you. I love leaking to you as much as is possible, staying close to you gives me meaning, purpose, and pleasure! Watching you sucking and fucking in your stories, any story, listening to you describe your situation provides a “high” that I can’t live without. Like you ask in this story, “what does her pussy taste 👅 like,” I wonder constantly what your pussy tastes like! You are such a slut in this story, it makes me feel good about myself and being your slut/bitch. Watching my Porn Goddess cum is so special to me but you already know that bc I have said that before. You are so gorgeous laying in your teacher’s bed sucking her husband’s cock, there again I follow your lead by cheating on my girlfriend, as you said in “TRUCE,” “when it cums to your pussy, there is no such thing as loyalty,” (slight paraphrase). I live to worship your tiddies, Jack’s cock in your mouth and wet pussy; I love how he plays with your ass, 41:18. Your face covered in cum is so beautiful( ALL I know my Porn Goddess is I want to “taste you,” every way possible! You must love your (my) cock bc you make it feel so special! Thank You Meana! David

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