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Stacy's Dad

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You’d just caught your daughter’s best friend trying to raid your special cabinet. She’d always been getting your daughter into trouble ever since they were young. But she wasn’t a little girl anymore. She smiles and say’s “What if I did something for you in exchange?” You feel your cock aching as she tries to be coy with you. She knows she can get whatever she wants if she acts cute… so you tell her to go ahead and take something before you do something you regret. “Something you regret Mr. Miller?” She asks all innocent and sexy… “Like fucking your daughter’s best friend?”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your daughter’s best friend is all grown up now and she knows exactly how to get what she wants **Older Man, Younger Woman. Bad Girls. Fucking your daughter’s best friend. Cum Shot. **


6 days ago, mmarob007 said:

Great vid as always! You never disappoint 😈

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