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There was no way you were going to fuck this up. 4 years in Jail was more than enough. You got a job as a landscaper at some rich old guys estate. Came with accommodations too. All you had to do was lay low and finish your parole. Then she walked in. His young, spoiled little brat of a daughter. Daddy like’s to hire parolees, it makes him feel superior. The only thing is… he doesn’t know his daughter likes to fuck them every night and has been for years. You couldn’t fuck this up… getting fired meant going back to jail… But she insisted… If you don’t do what she says, her dad’s going to hear about it. You’re nothing but a servant to her… so do what she wants. Give her a good fuck and keep your mouth shut.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: She likes it… having power over men. Not just because she’s your boss’s daughter, not just because she could get you thrown back in jail… but because she knows deep down that all men are weak… and you’re no exception. ** Bad Girls. Older Man, Younger woman. Women in Control. **


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