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You embarrassed yourself at dinner and your wife was mad as usual. What a great date night. You went upstairs and had your pants half off when you just gave up and closed your eyes. That’s when you heard the giggling. Your wife had sent the babysitter upstairs to collect her payment. Your cock stiffened at the timbre of her voice. You hadn’t had your pants down in front of another woman in years. Even the babysitter agreed your wife was being super cunty tonight. What to do.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: The baby-sitter bets that she can make you bust a nut before your wife comes back up stairs. **Infidelity. Bad Girls. Older Man, Younger Woman. Blowjob Scene. Cum Shot**


1 year ago, Jayveezy89 said:

Please make a part 2. It would be tight if she make him go crazy for her and ruin his marriage. Make him get caught. After she makes him do whatever she wants!

1 year ago, DamienNightwing said:

Yes a part 2 would also be very welcome. I love your little trilogies or series of story's on this amazing site. Would love to see fantasy ideas around a sexy slutty NUN. Maybe a crazy TWIN Sister of a husband's wife who is a slut. Maybe a ex gf REVENGE story where your man is gonna get married and a a psycho ex GF shows up with blackmail evidence that unless they have sex one more time she will put it on the internet. You guys could do a another blackmail scene where your man is the neighbor of a sexy but bitchy mean married woman who he finds out is cheating and your man uses that to fulfill his sexual needs. You play so many great roles MEANA it really is something! Love all your content and work!! Thank you & cheers.

1 year ago, bobbo21 said:

Please do a sequel to this with a ruined/double cumshot! First cumshot ruined cuz they almost get caught and she has to “hide” him finishing under the sheet, and the second one after the wife leaves and she makes it up to him 😈

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