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The Taste Of You

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The thing about is...it's not about survival. I won't eat you because I need to...I'll eat you because I want to know what you personally taste like. I want to feel you inside of me in every possible way. I want to experience your cells digesting within me and nourishing my body. I want to taste your flesh and know you in the most intimate way possible. To me it's about curiosity...but also love and admiration. I want all my meat to be butchered with love. Stress and fear leach acidic compounds into the meat and it spoils the taste...so I do my best to keep my victims calm. I've done this several times now...slowly perfecting my method. I start by basting the skin in oil...this induces an erotic response from the meat. This is what makes the flesh taste it's finest. I slowly seduce you...stroking your cock...rubbing oil into your skin...and as you listen to me you begin to feel that you should be in fact cooked for dinner. That nothing could be more sexually exciting than my teeth sinking into your perfectly cooked flesh. I'm planning a dinner party after all...and while none of my guests know they'll be eating you...I will know. And watching them sip red wine while the savour your delicious flesh is the most satisfying thing...my pussy aches and moistens at the thoughts of it. But first...you and I need a little appetizer don't we? The cock must be drained of all it's cum before it can be eaten. Cum of course is delicious...but not when cooked inside a thick juicy cock. You'll love the taste of your severed dick once I fry it up in a pan. The smell alone will make your stomach growl...and you'll be overcome with the desire to taste your own perfectly cooked cock. So relax and enjoy my fingers on your cock...my mouth sucking you slowly...because once you cum? I'm going to remove your tasty fucking cock...mmmm I'm getting hungry...
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana Wolf is the one who's making all the people in the city disappear. She butchers them and feeds them to her dinner guests. Tonight you are her dinner guest and she's going to do the same thing to you. She gives you a powerful sedative and before long you find yourself naked in her kitchen. She starts rubbing her oils and spices into your skin and tells you all about how she plans on cooking and eating you tonight with her unknowing dinner guests. But first, she plans on frying up your dick and eating it with you. She cuts off your cock and you can hear it sizzle as it hits the hot pan. When you regain consciousness she's ready to eat your cock. You can smell your own cooked flesh in the air and your mouth starts to water. She toys wit you a bit...asks you if you can feel it when she fucks herself with your severe delicious dick. And then she leans down and takes the first bite. The pleasure on her face...the smell of your pan fried cock...the curiosity...she puts your cock up to your lips and tells you to take a bite...it's the best thing you've ever tasted. **Penectomy. Vore. Femcan. Executrix. Horror. Warning: Realistic **


1 year ago, Ramboso said:

Super! More videos like this with Real penectomy 😍

1 month ago, Fabr said:

I love you

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