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The Hunted

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You thought you were hunting me as I walked down those dark streets. You'd been stalking me for several weeks before you'd mustered up the courage to finally come after me. You clumsily followed me as I sought my prey for the night...I'd been waiting for you. You lost sight of me, and I doubled back around. Silently I appeared out of the shadows..."Good evening Slayer", I said. You whipped around to find my cold eyes locked onto yours. You screamed in terror...but no sound came out as I held you with my gaze. "Come with me." At that moment you realized you were completely under my control. Glamoured by my eyes and my words, you followed.
You walked close behind me as I held your mind. You thought of your mission; to destroy Vampire's...to slay them and keep them from harming humans...but you were in awe of my beauty...my power. There was no resisting. We turned down a cobble stone alleyway. A couple embraced in the dark as we passed. Did they know how close they were to true evil, you wondered?
We arrived at the front entrance of a small Inn. A neon sign flickered above the entrance way..."Le Maison de Sang". "What is this place?" you asked. "The house of ", I replied. "It's a safe house for Vampires". A young bellboy opened the door for us. You thought my feet seemed to glide across the threshold of the black marble entryway. Why would God create something so evil, yet so beautiful? The distinct scent of iron was in the air as we approached the front desk. The Inn keeper didn't even look up, (he prefers not to look at the poor human victims that come to visit the House of as it makes it easier to steal from their pockets when he disposes of their bodies).
We walked down the narrow corridor on the 3rd floor. You thought you heard a scream somewhere in one of those rooms. We passed an open door and to your horror you could see the walls were covered in as two female vampires laughed and fed on a young man. You swore an oath to protect the innocent...but here you were, glamoured into submission. Helpless, and unable protect or save anyone. I felt your heart ache as you screamed at yourself to stop...to runaway. It gives me pleasure to watch you Vampire Hunter's lose all hope.
"Lay down on the bed", I said. You complied without struggle as your mind bent to the sound of my voice. Then a sick feeling grew in your stomach as you looked at me reveal my lingerie underneath my long fur coat. You had never been so attracted to a woman in your life. You hated yourself for wanting me so badly. You cursed me in your mind. You shouted and screamed...but your cock grew hard as I came closer to you. You raged...You wanted to uphold your oath to exterminate all Vampires. But you were too weak...helpless...too full of lust. I knew you would be. xoxo Meana Wolf
Clip Contains: Vampire Meana grows fangs and her eyes change from brown to icy blue as she becomes excited by the urge to feed. She tastes your neck and goes back to sucking your cock with her sharp fangs gently sliding up and over your shaft. She torments you for being so weak as she sucks you. She sinks her teeth into your cock as you orgasm and she drains all life out of you.
xoxo Meana Wolf


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