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First Bite

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Sometime things happen in life that can only be described as...destiny. My creative writing teacher Mr. Vance wanted us to practice our descriptive scenery writing skills and sent us out into the world to work on our horror stories. How could he have known that I would take myself to the graveyard...alone...at night. How could he have known that a dark creature lurked there for me.
I noticed him immediately. He was so handsome...I could feel myself blush but I was too shy to really say anything to me. He came up to me to ask me what I was doing alone in the graveyard. I could barely talk to him. I'm such a shy nerdy girl and he was so mysterious. He told me he thought I was pretty. No guy has ever said that to me before...he said he thought I had amazing potential. I didn't know what he was talking about. He put his ice cold hand on my thigh and in the dim light of the moon I could see his eyes, they were red...like an old cabernet...like rubies. My pussy lubricated as he slid his hand up my skirt and his finger inside of me. I was so flustered...but I couldn't stop myself. I wanted him to ravage me...to fuck me. We kissed. It was my first kiss. I felt overcome with desire as I looked into his eyes. We fucked right then and there in the graveyard. He spread my legs and entered me with his hard thick cock. It was my first time...but I felt no pain. Waves of pleasure came over me as I orgasmed...and then...he sunk is fangs deep into my neck. I whimpered and moaned as the pain mixed with the powerful pleasure of orgasm. His cock felt so good inside of me and my pleasure only increased as I felt my life rush into is thirsty, hungry mouth. Becoming weaker...faint...my pussy raged with orgasm after orgasm. Then it all went black. I felt myself letting go. I felt myself drifting away...until the taste of his entered my mouth. It shook me awake and gripping his wrist to my mouth I drank from him. I felt his divine power enter me. I felt his essence enter me. I came again as that sanguineous fluid rushed down my throat. I was restored, brought back to life. I knew then and there that nothing would ever be the same. He laid me in the ground that night, and in my fresh shallow grave I was transformed.
The next night when I awoke my transformative slumber, I was stricken with an inexplicable hunger. I don't know why I was drawn back to campus. I knew Mr. Vance would still be there...marking papers into the night. Perhaps there was a part of me that was angry...or maybe I wanted to thank him. I'd always admired Mr. Vance as a teacher...I always thought he was so handsome. He was a little shocked to see me. He's used to the mortal version of me. I felt his eyes travel over my new immortal body. I could hear his heart beating. I could smell the fear in his sweat. My senses were alight. My new abilities were incredible. I tried to explain it to him, but he was too frightened. He couldn't understand that all this was so meaningless...that I was going to live forever. That I could do whatever I wanted now, without consequence. I could have whatever I want...I could fuck whatever I want. I looked into his eyes and commanded him to remove his pants. He eyes glazed over as he succumbed to me. Glamoured. I couldn't believe it! This was so exciting. His cock was so fucking hard for me. I could feel his pulse throbbing in his dick as I stroked and sucked him. I was a brand new Vampire exploring my new self. I was so fucking horny...hungry. I never felt more alive as I sank my fangs into the base of his shaft as I continued to stroke the tip. I felt his body surge with pleasure and pain. The first taste of his sent me into a frenzy...I couldn't stop myself. I didn't mean to bite him all...but I couldn't stop myself. He came with my fangs in his cock and I lunged on his throat...finishing him. I've never felt more alive.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana has just been turned and she is delighting in her new abilities. She comes to you in your office after hours. You can't help but notice her new appearance as she taunts you with her voluptuous body. You've had your share of school girl temptresses before. You've never given in. But you've never seen a girl like this. So lit up with erotic desire. So animalistic in her need for cock...you look into her eyes and you unzip your pants upon her command. She takes you in her mouth...and drains you and your cock.


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