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You’ve never seen your wife like this before. She’s acting strange. She says she doesn’t remember how she got home… only that there was a girl at the bar after she closed up for the night. She often comes home with sexy little stories about cute girls at the bar, sometimes she makes out with them. She starts breathing heavy. She says the girl gave her a hicky… you pull her hair aside to reveal two puncture wounds on her neck. You look on in terror as her eyes turn sanguineous red and her canine teeth form into sharp pointed fangs. She whispers “Make love to me” and you cannot resist. She sinks her fangs into your cock and drains you every which way. She say’s “I love you darling, I wish I could stop myself, but you’re just so fucking tasty”. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your wife has been turned. Now she’s come home to devour you. You watch as she transforms into a vampire with all her lust intensifying with her new senses. She licks and sucks you dry. She can’t help it, she can’t control the hunger. **Vampire Transformation. Executrix. Sexual Hunger. Predatory Lust.**


2 months ago, wolflair said:

I love the feeling of rising vulnerability, the proximity of my cock, balls, and thighs to this gorgeous vixen, that becums

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