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Hungry Virgin Pussy

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Ok...This is really difficult for me. I really want to tell you something. But I'm so ashamed. Please don't freak ok? I really like you and I just finally feel like I can tell you this...I'm a virgin... ugh there...I said it. I'm so embarrassed. It just never happened for me...I mean I've been close a few times but something just never felt right. I just felt strange. But I like you so much...I really feel like I'm ready to go all the way. Wait...what? You're a virgin too? omg this is so exciting...let's start slow. You wanna lick my pussy?OMG...that feels so good. You like it? mmmhmm omg don't stop hehe mmmm...what's wrong? What's happening to you? OMG...you're shrinking! You'r body is shrinking? Should I call for help? omg think it's my pussy. I think my pussy juice is making you shrink! What the?...do you hear that? My pussy is growling...making noises...it's hungry. It's so fucking horny...so fucking hungry. It wants you inside...all of you. I can't stop touching it...omg...I always knew there was something wrong with me...something different. Now I'm going to fucking eat you with my pussy.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana's man eating pussy is ready for it's first meal. Her victim licks her tight, wet, virgin pussy. Little does he know her sweet pussy juice is a powerful shrinking agent. His body begins to shrink as her hungry pussy gets more and more turned on. She can't help but rub her wet pussy lips as it growls and rages. She finally understands the power of her incredible cunt. She grabs your tiny shrunken body and stuffs you inside. Crushing you and digesting you with the powerful walls of her vagina she orgasms over and over and over again.


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